Miss Dominique

I found this letter in the library bathroom, left by an inmate, addressed to "whoever wants to read this":

In writing this letter to whomever might be interested in what I have to say, let me start by introducing myself. My name is Dominique and I'm a under-lover boy. I don't look or carry myself like a boy; because I don't want the un-wanted attention from the officers and a bunch of nosy dudes on the yard. However once you get me behind closed doors, then you will realize that I am what I say I am. There is absolutely nothing I love doing more than sucking dicks and getting fucked in my phat ass. Even though I truly enjoy giving head and swallowing the cum, still I love and prefer getting fucked real good. I've yet to see a dick that was either too long or too thick for me to take in my mouth or ass. I'm 100% disease-free and I plan on staying this way. Also I've been fucked in just about every position you can think of, and I love riding a dick reverse cow-girl style the best. All the guys I've been with tell me the same thing, that they like the way I grind and throw my hot ass back against their dicks. Also a lot of guys that is down-low prefer messing with me because of how I carry myself. Looking at me, you'll never guess that I'm a bitch. So if your're tired of using your hands to get off then get at me. Don't let the way I carry myself stop you cause if you do then you will miss out on some of the best head and the very best ass on the yard. Age and race doesn't matter to me, as long as you respect my wish to keep my business down low. I'm really thinking about coming out the closet but I got to think about it some more. It's been 2 yrs since I've been fucked and I need some dick real bad. If you are interested then leave me a message in the bathroom stall in education or you might get lucky and catch me in there at night. Get at me and I can promise you that once I'm finished working my mouth and ass on you that you'll be truly satisfied. I haven't been with one guy yet that got either some head or ass from me and didn't come back to see me again. I'm waiting to start pleasing all-comers.

—Miss Dominique