Pillow Talk

—What book are you reading up there?—Stephen King. Third book in his Dark Tower series.

—So this guy asked me today if letting a guy suck your dick makes you gay.

—And what did you tell him?—I told him I didn't think it did. What do you think?—Well, I think it's complicated.

—Complicated? What do you mean?—I think a lot of guys fool around in prison. But it doesn't necessarily make them gay. It's just the environment.

—Yeah, that's right. That's true. The environment. I mean, 'cause like I said, I'm trisexual*, I'll try anything. You know?—Yeah …so have you ever fooled around with a guy before?—Yeah. Like, I've fingered myself, played with a dildo, shit like that. And my home-bro on the streets, Shane, we sucked dick and shit …and by-the-way, man, this shit don't leave the room. You hear?—Yeah, I know. Of course.

—So …I was straight with you; now you be straight with me. Have you ever fooled around with a guy?—Bubba, I'm gay. That girlfriend I'm always talking about, that's my boyfriend.

—Oh …so what do you think?—About what?—Do you wanna fool around? I mean, it stays just between us.

—I don't know.

—What do you mean you don't know?—I mean, I just don't know. I've got a boyfriend.

—Yeah, dude, but you've got like a ten-year sentence to go…—I know, but …I've got a boyfriend. And what if the CO comes and sneaks by with her flashlight and catches us…—Dude, she ain't gonna catch us. You can hear that door open…—I don't know.

—It's up to you.