Love Letter

Hello, My Love

Layin here trap in fantasy thinking about what I'll be doing to that ass if you was my cellie. I were waiting on you tonite to come visit but I guess you got held up writing is what it look like when I snuck a peek before I came in. Can we study tomorrow if your cellie go to rec? Y'know it been about 5 days and I laid off stalkin alot not that I'm sayin I'm happy about it but since you been treatin me real good I figure why not give you a lil space since you done gain your trust. Damn u look so good to me Monday I had to really catch myself before I kiss u in front of everybody. My most wanted question tonite is when I'm going get some more of that ass. I see you now talkin about you don't know. I don't know why I can't sleep tonite but I know I got to get up early and stalk hopefully bye the time I give you this I can steal a kiss. I'm coming to the library at 3:00 but hopefully I can eat short line wit you.